Expressway Couriers 4002 Falls Road Baltimore MD 21211 * 410-889-0880 * 800-638-2889 * fax 410-889-7128

•  3 daily trips from Balto metro
to anywhere on shuttle map
•  2 daily trips from other shuttle cities
to anywhere on shuttle map
•  250 lb. weight limit per shipment
(twice what most competitors allow)
•  On call or scheduled delivery
•  This is a great addition to your own
delivery vehicle(s) for out of the way
stops or for help during peak periods

  Medical Deliveries
•  STAT delivery for specimens
and equipment
•  STATs for blood from Red Cross or another hospital, equipment loans,
inpatient pharmacy loans, operating room loans, and items from your medical supply distributor that missed your regular delivery
•  NIH and National Science Foundation Grant request delivery; we'll call you with delivery confirmation

•  We'll deliver 24 hours—365 days
•  Drivers carry 2 coolers:
ambient and refrigerated
•  Drivers are equipped with spill kits
•  We store a small amount of
dry ice for frozen shipments
•  We can design an integrated system
for your multi-site locations with
delivery of: specimens, reports,
x-rays, mail, supplies, payroll checks, and more