Expressway Couriers 4002 Falls Road Baltimore MD 21211 * 410-889-0880 * 800-638-2889 * fax 410-889-7128

Expressway offers more same day shuttles to more areas than anyone else.

•  Shuttles leave Baltimore at 10 am and
noon for delivery to any city listed on
this map by 4 pm and 5 pm,
•  Shuttles leave all other cities at 11
am for delivery anywhere on this map
by 5 pm.
•  Please call and have package(s) ready
one hour before shuttle departure
inside beltway
(or 90 minutes outside beltway).

•  Overnight delivery by 9 am or noon.
•  Up to 250 pounds per shipment
(maximum 70 pounds per package).

•  Did you know Expressway pioneered
the Baltimore-Washington shuttle
way back in 1965.

Shuttle service map

If you operate your own delivery vehicle(s), Expressway shuttles can:

• Handle out of the way stops  Increase your customers' satisfaction

Help during peak periods Increase your drivers' productivity

Cover for vacations Reduce your drivers' fatigue

Cover for sickness Reduce your drivers' overtime

Get your paperwork signed Collect non-cash CODs
Faster service and larger weights available at additional cost.